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Theme: Camera
Topic 1: Polaroid Camera
Target Audience: Young adults (range 18-21 yrs old)
Style: Vintage style camera
        Last two months, I bought a Polaroid camera and put it on my table. So, when I get this assignment, suddenly think of this product. Then, I go to search website about this product. But, there is not much website taking about this product so I wish to create a website for this product and encourage more young adults to purchase it. The market of Polaroid Camera is already exists in 1948, and then it becomes more popular in 21st century. Hence, Polaroid Camera should target young age (18-21 years old) as target audience. This range of target audiences do not have too much of purchasing power. Hence, the price of Polaroid Camera is more affordable by the young adults. Moreover, vintage style is the style that most of the young age like it nowadays. Besides, this is also the trend of the market. For this topic 1, warm colour is suitable to make a website more effective. Besides, warm colour is more prefer for the young adults because warm colour able to let the web visitors (young adults) feel passion and it is attention getting. For the Polaroid camera’s website will use desatured background so the images that I provide in the website will stand out on the page instead of saturated background. The type of Polariod Camera such as Instax mini 90, Instax mini 8, Instax mini 50s, Instax mini 25, Instax mini 7s, Instax wide 300, and Instax wide 210, all of this type will be included in the website. Lastly,  vintage style camera, protective bags and cases, instax album, instax film, target audience and navigation button are draw into the mind map, in order to have a rough idea on what to build in a website.

Mind map 2
Theme: Camera
Topic 2: DSLR Camera
Target Audience: Adults (range 22-35 yrs old)
Style: Professional camera

        Recently, I am taking photography class at Taylor’s. Thus, I get this idea from my photography class and I hope to share my lesson to others who wish to learn too and introduce the top 7 Nikon DSLR Camera.  The top 7 Nikon DSLR camera are Nikon D80, Nikon D50, Nikon D40, Nikon D200, Nikon D70s, Nikon D70 and Nikon D40x. This 7 type of DSLR camera will be included in the website. Although, the market of DSLR camera has a lot of competitors, but different consumers will purchase different brand of DSLR camera. Most of the adults wish to look like a professional photographer so they will purchase at least one DSLR camera although they won’t use it. Hence, professional camera is a must for the adults when they travel and this is the trend for the adults. The target audience is adults (22-35 years old). This range of target audiences has purchasing power so they can afford a quite pricey DSLR camera. For topic 2, cool colour is more suitable for the adults because the cool colour can give the web visitors feel freshness and openness. Besides, cool colour can reflect trust or a relaxed attitude on the nervous system. For the DSLR camera’s website will use desatured background so the images that I provide in the website will stand out on the page instead of saturated background. Lastly, lens, camera type, photograph lesson, services, target audiences and navigation buttons are draw into the mind map 2, in order to have a rough idea on what to build in the website.